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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm monte francis live at candlestick park where security remains a concern following several fights between fans. details on another fight that could lead to action by the nfl. plus a former east bay community leader back in court, this time facing kidnapping and torture charges. what he's asking a judge for this morning. a live look in san jose on this wednesday, september 21st. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. it's 5:00 on your wednesday morning. i'm marla tellez. >> christina loren is here to sprinkle sunshine or whatever else you have. >> sprinkle a little particulate matter. >> you can really kind of grab
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it. it's going to be thick out there. our third consecutive spare the air day. air quality is kind of at its worst. we haven't seen three consecutive spare the air days all summer long. it looxz like this will be the hottest day of the summer so far. there's only about three days left in summer. we'll talk about when we'll cool off. rain in the forecast as well. first though 5:01. night quite as much activity on the incident report as yesterday. this accident did just pop up recently, southbound 680 at crow canyon road. a car went into the center divide. this is in the area where the construction is in the off ramming. i'm happy to note those construction crews are safe there and clear from crow canyon. that's a boring map. i'll show you a better map coming up. i'll get more creative. >> you're happy, we're happy. breaking news this morning out of iran. after more than two years stuck in jail in that country, it's reported two berkeley grads are, in fact, finally free.
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"today in the bay's" christie smith live in berkeley with more on the long-awaited release of shane bauer and josh fattal. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is certainly what family and friends have been waiting for. since 2009 they've been fighting for this. i'm only imagining they're cautiously optimistic, waiting to celebrate. iran state tv reporting the two uc berkeley grads, shane bauer and josh fattal were freed this morning. we have video this morning of two cars we believe are waiting at the prison where the uc berkeley grads were being held as spies. their lawyer said the court approved a $1 million bail deal that cleared the way for their freedom. the attorney says the release will likely follow that of their companion share rah showered freed on $500,000 bail last september and flown on a private plane to ohman. they were arrested on the iran-iraq border in 2009 and sentenced to eight hard years. they maintain their innocence
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through all this. their friend saying they were hiking and may have accidentally strayed over. it's believed the pair will be handed over to swit diplomats who represent american interests in iran. i've been following their website, the free the hikers website this mork to see if there are any updates on there, so far none. but i'll keep watching. back to you. >> a lot of procedures they have to go through to get released. but great news. thank you very much, christie, from berkeley. police are trying to solve a mysterious killing in a richmond restaurant. this happened at angie's bakery and restaurant near the corner of san pablo and mcbryde avenue. the owner found an employee in her 20s dead in the bathroom yesterday evening. witnesses last saw her alive in the restaurant in the afternoon. the owner left her with a few customers to run some errands. when he returned a couple hours later, the restaurant was locked up and empty. police are investigating reports
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of a man and woman arguing outside the restaurant earlier in the evening. they're investigating a person of interest bup haven't arrested anyone. 5:03. a former muslim leader back in court today facing more charges, set to ask a judge if he can represent himself in which he and colleagues are accused of kidnapping and torturing two oakland women in may of 2007. he's already serving three consecutive terms of life in prison without parole for the murders of oakland journalist chauncey bailey and two others in 2007. another act of violence at candlestick park involving tailgating football fans. we're learning more about the incident which happened at the dallas game over the weekend. "today in the bay's" monte francis is live at candlestick park with what happened. good morning, monte. >> reporter: good morning. one man was hurt in this attack. it happened right here in the parking lot at candlestick park.
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he was punched several times and was found bleeding from his head. this is not the first such incident at candlestick park. you're looking at video of a fight that happened inside the stadium during the preseason. there were also fights in the parking lot between the 49ers and raiders. this fight reportedly happened at the 49ers game last sunday when a man stood behind a truck in the parking lot blocking it from backing up. that's when the occupants of the truckality tabbed the man hitting him in the head with a bottle and flashlight. a friend of the victim stepped in. he was punched in thed. a security guard intervened and was also attacked. police arrested three men in connection with the fight. this comes in the wake of several other fights and just a few weeks after the nfl sent its head of security to san francisco to ensure stadium security here met the standards set by the nfl. the team has also since banned
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tailgating after kickoff. judging by what happened this weekend, they might have to do more. as for the victims, none of them suffered serious injuries. monte francis, "today in the bay." >> such a shame. thank you. the children of a mentally ill man killed by san jose police are blasting the santa clara conclusion that the shooting was justified. they're calling on the fbi to investigate the situation. the vietnamese man was shot on january 15 when he was attacking another officer using two knives. the family says police should not have shot the man who was walking in the foothills to escape hallucinations. a spare the air alert is being issued. air quality officials say this week's hot spell is creating an unhealthy environment. they want fewer drivers on the road. they're asking people to take mass transit. always a good idea.
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homeowners are being asked to limit energy use to reduce pollution. trying to figure out should we call her ms. heat wave or lovely ms. sunshine this week. >> either one works. >> just don't call me a cold hearted snake. >> far from it. >> name that artist. >> paula abdul. >> very good. >> a few of you got that at home. little better air quality this morning. we've had seven total spare the air days this summer, three of which have taken place this week. this morning getting a little better air quality along the peninsula. that's because we'll see more of a marine influence. we're actually picking that up this morning on our futurecast. however, high pressure is at its maximum strength today. it's going to be the hottest day of the week and even with a little more cloud cover hugging the coast this morning, it's going to be down right hot in san francisco today. here is what we're expecting, at about 11:00 a.m. the marine layer pushes to sea as high pressure drives your winds offshore. that's when it will start to get very hot around here.
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take a look at what's headed our way. very significant trough. you can see the spotty clouds here. that's an indication of a very cold air mass. this is going to start to settle in as we head through this weekend finally breaking this big ridge of high pressure down and sending it off to the east. we'll have to wait a little while before it starts to cool down. two more hot ones to get to. 59 in concord, 61 in livermore and 62 in san jose. you want to wear light-colored clothing, breathable clothing for today as temperatures will be hot basically across the board. 100 degrees in livermore, 100 in concord and 383 in san francisco. it's going to be a hot day and hazy as well. we'll talk about when we start to cool down and maybe rain in your city. that's coming up. first let's get you to work on time with mike. we're looking over to the south bay, only one remaining spot for major construction. we're looking to the roadways where the crew will be cleared. 880 at 280 in a few minutes. that's the reason for the slow
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sensors because the crews in the area will track that. the peninsula, one spot with construction at willow. we'll have construction closing the on-ramp for 15 minutes or so and transition on to -- from westbound 92 to southbound 880, that's closed for a few minutes as well. the san mateo bridge is clear as far as the free-throw of traffic over to the peninsula without any issue for 92. >> big mike, thank you very much. a very unique story with a happy ending. a filipino woman resting in a burlingame hospital this morning after giving birth. that's right, she had a baby mid air on a flight to sfo. adia was eight days from her due date on monday night. she started krg contractions in the air. she asked a flight attendant for some help. three nurses were on the flight and they helped deliver a baby
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boy. mom and kevin raymar francisco are doing just fine. the boy named after the city of san francisco. when they were released from the hospital and headed to their original destination which was boston. >> she has four children. she says this birth was the easiest. >> of course, lighter air up there and everything, in case there's a problem. fun. beautiful story. 5:10. people in one bay area city may wake up to the smell of gas. pg&e says don't worry. a new study looks at the link between pot clubs and neighborhood crime. the results? they may surprise you. plus the federal reserve getting ready to boost the economy. details in a live report. the latest news d ather raan weather and your breaking news. come find us on facebook at nbc
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bay area.yo
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the results? welcome back at 5:12. good morning. cigarette companies are calling foul. some of the large eftd tobacco companies will ask a washington, d.c. judge today to stop the enforcement of those labels. the tobacco companies have filed suit saying the labels violate free speech laws and will cost millions to produce. a decision on a preliminary injunction could come as early as next month. the labels are set to appear on cigarette packs next year. >> markets could see a boost when the federal reserve makes a move to spur the economy. for more on that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world head quaur ters. good morning, courtney. >> good morning to you. futures have actually turned negative as investors await the latest decision from the federal
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reserve. the fed is widely expected to unveil a new type of stimulus program dubbed operation twist, first used in the 1960s which is where it gets the name from the famous chubby checker song. it would have the fed buy longer dated government bonds. the idea is it would help keep interest rates low on mortgages and other loans to help consumers. ahead of the fed we'll get data on existing home sales. that's out about at about 10:00 a.m. this morning. stocks were mixed tuesday as late date worries. the dow closed up seven points to 11,408 t. nasdaq fell 22 to 2,590 christmas is already shaping up to be a struggle. shopper track expects holiday sales to rise 3% less than last year's 4% increase. consumers could make fewer trips to the store.
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shopper track expects traffic to drop 2%. when people do shop, they may head straight for the bargain aisle. the typical family income adjusted for inflation has dropped to levels not seen since 1996. if you can't wait for the avatar to hit the thee tears, there will be rides at the animal kingdom park in orlando. construction will begin in 2013. it could take up to three years to build. don't get too excited. >> the "avatar" sequel, i haven't seen the original. >> you need to get out more. >> i know. >> we always love to hear the weather. dropping paula abdul on us before. that was good. >> straight up now tell me, do you like the hot weather or not. >> i love it. >> today is the great day to hit the movie.
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it's going to be hot. you want to stay indoors. today is going to be the hottest day likely that we had all summer long. you might get a little break. we are noticing more fog hugging the coast this morning. a little more of an onshore flow. we're starting out nice and warm. and even with that marine influence or temperatures are going to really start to skyrocket once that sun comes up at about 6:45 this morning. high pressure is in control. take a look at this. taking the storm track well into canada. keeping things nice and hot, compressing everything in our atmosphere. you will see the haze in the east bay. we have unthem hi air quality. limit your outdoor activity if you suffer from respiratory issues. high pressure will continue to drive the winds offshore and push the cool air, the marine layer back out to sea all the way through friday, dealing with near record heat. today is the hottest day. i dropped you off just a little for tomorrow and even more so on friday. and then we're talking about the 70s as of this weekend. so a significant change in the weather on the way.
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51 in santa rosa, 40 in novato. 58 at san mateo. at noon, temperatures up to 86 in fairfield and easily making your way to 100 degrees in livermore. hazy conditions. low pressure drops into the area through the weekend. sunday into monday you'll knnote a difference, a cold air mass as well. that will bring our temperatures down by about 20 degrees from where our highs are today, mostly cloudy conditions. there's your temperature, you see the significant drop off sunday through tuesday. we'll stay cool all this week. let's check the drive and see how it's shaping um. 680 we do have an earlier accident. no injuries. tow truck arrived a few minutes ago. it should be completely off
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southbound side at crow canyon the next couple minutes. construction going on through danville, mostly on the southbound side. only a lane or two. no major slowing through that area, heading down towards the dublin interchange, eastbound heading away from the interchange. the earlier accident still over on the shoulder. car went into a fence. so there's still lights and crews there. no lanes are blocked again eastbound opposite your commute. 14-minute drive in your commute direction west through livermore and towards the dublin interchange. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. trying to encourage folks, as we said, to car pool or use mass transit because it's a spare-the-air day. you can use a barbecue. they suggest using a gas grill or chimney charter. you won't be fined if you choose to q guys. a warning for people on the peninsula. you could wake up to the smell
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of gas. pg&e will be in belmont purging gas from a pipeline on ralston avenue near interstate 280. pg&e says it's getting the line ready for testing. if you live there, you can expect to smell gas until about 10:00 this morning. a new study casting pot clubs in a different light this morning, showing they might not be linked to crime after all t. study looked at the constituent of los angeles and found crime rates rose after the clubs were closed down. they reviewed reports ten days before and ten days after the clubs were closed. it found crime kroes 25% within six blocks. no changes ten blocks away. the city attorney's office says the study is flawed, on faulty assumptions, irrelevant data and incomplete results. the redwood city planning commission debated the issue
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last night but did not make a decision. planners say medical marijuana facilities are linked to crime, traffic and are not compatible with neighborhoods. they argue people within city limits who need medical marijuana can get it from delivery services. opponents say it will just drive the industry underground. right now 5:20. a dire budget picture in san jose. what people may have to do without next year. saving you time and the fine. the new plan to keep your car out of impound in one bay area city. congress thinks about ending the controversial department of energy loans that fueled the green revolution in silicon
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valley. we'll take a look.
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san jose city leaders are painting a bleak picture next
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year if the current budget woes aren't solved. if taxes aren't increased in employee pensions, the city will have to slash major community programs. worst case scenario, all but one library will be closed. all the community centers would shut down. police and firefighters could lose their jobs. all of these areas already saw cuts during the recent budget crisis. the city is projecting a deficit of more than $78 million. city leaders plan to vote on a course of action in november. san francisco leaders want to help drivers by giving them advanced warning of towing zones. it would create a towing notification system. here is how it would work. an e-mail or text message would be sent to notify drivers of upcoming tow-away restrictions. there would also be a smart
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phone app giving a live data stream of tow-away zones. owners pay close to $400 to get cars back. scott mcgrew says congress may put an end to the department of energy loans that fueled a green revolution in the silicon valley. >> that could come as soon as today. the doe loans like the one that went to solyndra are political poison. they're worried about what it calls the optics, the video of president praising solyndra which got hundreds of millions in loans from the doe. so did tesla. if congress votes today to turn off the flow of these doe loans, tesla will be okay. it already got its money, but future projects could be in jeopardy. solyndra meanwhile says its executives will not testify at a hearing run by the house energy and commerce committee despite earlier promises to do so. we do think they will show up
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friday. but will exercise their fifth amendment rights. solyndra under criminal investigation. not answering questio while you're in the middle of a criminal investigation, that's just legal common sense. again, the optics are going to be bad. as long as we're at the intersection of politics and technology, let's mention the president will have another web town hall as the president discusses jobs on the social network linkedin. i looked it up. he has an entry on linkedin. january 20 09d to the present, president of the united states. >> that always looks good. >> lit really get you ahead. >> i have to link him in to boost mine. marla over to you. 5:25. still to come on today in the bay, we continue to follow the developing news out of iran involving the release of those cal grad hikers. the latest coming up. plus we're learning more about the woman who found michelle le's body over the
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weekend. her amazing story next. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in san jose, a man accused of killing a popular radio host expected to go before a judge today. that story coming up. with just two full days of summer left, looks like today is going to be the hottest day of the summer so far. i'll let you know how high temperatures are expected to soar in your city coming up. again, spare the air, we encourage commuting.he dayerre day there were so many cars on the road, tremendous problems for 880. i've already got something to
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tell you about that commute
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coming up. >> reporter: i'm monte francis live at candlestick park with details on yet another brawl between football fans. hear why security has become such a big concern for the 49ers coming up. also caught in the cross fire. a young girl shot during a shootout between two suspects who are still on the loose this morning. google on capitol hill
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defending itself this morning. we'll take a look coming up in business news. we give you a live look outside of the bay bridge. i did check the calendar. it is, in fact, wednesday, midweek, september 21st. this is "today in the bay." 5:29. i'm glad you double checked the calendar. >> always do. facts are very important kids at home. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, i'm jon kelley and a woman who always has her facts in check, christina loren to fill us in. >> good thing about forecasting is we're not dealing with facts all the time. it's hard to get it right all the time. i can tell you it's going to be hot across the bay area today. we have high pressu at its maximum strength as we head throughout this afternoon, hottest day of the summer so far with two full days of summer left. we'll tell you what that means for your city and when we'll
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finally cool off. you see the area of low pressure digging in, in the right-hand corner of your screen, that's cool air on the way. 5:29, let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you to the east shore freeway travel times. an easy 18 minutes. from the carcinas bridge down to the bay bridge toll plaza. the construction cleared in the east shore freeway. the overhead sign repair might be an issue. and the oakland coliseum, watch 80 past the area tonight because there's a game. it was a mess yesterday. i'm watching carefully, especially heading into the south bay. yesterday's commute was horrid. >> a typical problem spot. >> yes. but yesterday, especially bad. i'll check the pronouncer on that as well. 5:30, breaking news this morning. the two uc berkeley grads held in an iranian jail for more than two years are finally free. iran state tv is reporting shane bauer and josh fattal were freed
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this morning. they were being held as spies. their lawyer says the court approved a $1 million bail deal that cleared the way for their freedom. they were sentenced to eight years in prison just last month for spying. they have denied those charges. bauer, fattal and sarah shourd were arrested along the iran iraq border in 2009. later this morning a parole lee involved in a daily crime spree in san jose will make his first court appearance. plus there's also word several people connected with a local pot club may have helped him evade police. bob redell is live at the santa clara jail. >> reporter: later today deputies will take paul ray castillo out of his jail cell and move him to the hall of justice where he'll be informed of the charges he stands accused of.
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the most serious charge against castillo, the kidnapping and murder of a popular south bay radio host. in a new development that took place last night, san jose police raided the tree house marijuana collective in connection with this crime. detectives believe two people associated with the tree house may have helped castillo in his initial escape. his alleged crime spree started friday morning when police say he shot a man pumping gas. this was during a failed robbery attempt at a chevron station in san jose. a short time later castillo allegedly carjacked cindy nguyen, a vietnamese language radio host on am 1290, kaza. her body was found the next morning in the garage of a home connected with castillo. police did find castillo friday afternoon, shot at him but he managed to escape to west sacramento where he was finally arrested sunday night. now he's locked up at the jail
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behind me in downtown san jose. castillo had been on parole. previous charges against him include drugs, domestic violence and car jacking. john? >> glad this guy is behind bars. thank you for the report. a 5-year-old girl is recovering after she was caught in the middle of a shootout. this happened in san francisco. the girl was just walking home with her father near third street and palou avenue. it happened a block from george washington carver elementary school in the bayview. the girl was hit in the knee by a stray bullet. she was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. police are looking at surveillance video now trying to identify the two people involved in that shooting. >> oakland police looking for help this morning in attempt to find a teenage girl who has been missing for the past 20 years. 15-year-old shaw day sweetwhine went to school on august 31st
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and never returned home. police say the teen has run away from home in the past but always come back. the day she was disappeared she was wearing a yellow shirt, white jacket and cream-colored skirt. more trouble at the stick. this morning we're learning more about more violence that happened at the 49er/dallas game over the week end. monte francis is live at candlestick park with what happened. monte, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one man was attacked here in the parking lot and three suspects are now under arrest. but this is far from a closed chapter for the 49ers. there have been several fights here at candlestick. some inside the stadium and some out in the parking lot. many of the fights broke out during the preseason. in response the nfl's head of security came to san francisco two weeks ago to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures here at candlestick. the team has also since banned tailgating after kickoff. the most recent fight reportedly happened at the 49ers games last sunday against dallas when a man
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stood behind a truck in the parking lot blocking it from backing up. that's when the occupants of the truck attacked the man, hitting him in the head with a bottle and a flashlight. a friend of the victim stepped in and he was punched in the head. a security guard then intervened and was also attacked. the good news here is none of those injured were seriously injured. there's still no word on what, if any, new measures will be in place in response to this latest attack. live in san francisco, monte francis, "today in the bay." >> only time will tell. thank you, monte. 5:35. this morning we should learn more about the woman who discovered the body of michelle le. carry mcgonigle and her labl tore retriever found the body on saturday morning. she'll share more with reporters today about why she came all the way from escondido to help look for le. she's the founder of team amber rescue, a group created after
5:36 am
her own daughter was murdered. team amber was founded to help families search for loved ones. the labrador is lovingly named after amber. 5:35. mountain view's googling has become so big, it's the center of a senate hearing, an anti-trust shutdown that has a lot of people thinking back to 1998 when the spotlight was on microsoft. scott mcgrew has a look with what's expected to happen today. >> good morning. lots of accusations from other silicon valley companies with nothing to lose by taking on google. companies like yelp and expedia and next tag all expected to testify at the senate subcommittee hearing saying google's system of search makes their websites less visible. google has the same businesses as some of those critics and the accusations is google creates rules in its advertising and search that make it harder to find competitors. young yelp ceo, jeremy stoppal man expected to testify at 10:30 seen on our show "press
5:37 am
here." the ftc already investigating googling as are some states attorneys general. yelp claims not only has google made it harder for people to find yelp, but google may have used yelp data they say in its own neighborhood rating service called places. this gets under way a 10:30 our time our time. >> thank you, scott. time to check in with meteorologist christina lauren as the final few days of summer fade away. >> the heat unfortunately won't fizzle until we're done with the sizzle over the next couple days. this weekend getting a little moisture in the area, dry air mass, a cooler air mass. so that's the light at the end of the tunnel, but we have a lot of heat to get through today. it's going to be very, very warm. one of the hottest days of the summer. i'm forecasting inland temperatures to be the hottest day so far.
5:38 am
high pressure is driving the marine layer way out to sea. like we saw yesterday and the day before that. today what's happening is it's so strong that it's just compressing everything right to the surface. and it's going to be a really, really warm day. mark my words, especially inland. make sure if you work outside, you bring the water bottle with you. try to park in the shade if you can. it gets 20 degrees warmer inside your vehicle than it is the true temperature outside. 57 degrees right now in san francisco. 62 in san jose. 53 degrees. completely clear start in gilroy. as we head through the day, inland, temperatures up to about 85 degrees at noon and then 93 degrees in places like san jose as you're driving home from work. if you don't have an ac in your car, it's going to be a tough one for you today. make sure you bring the water
5:39 am
with you so you'll see the 16-minute drive as well as 680 at crow canyon, still there as you head towards san ramon. 5:39 right now. some bad news for the giants. a key player could be slated for off season surgery. details up next. parents speak out about east
5:40 am
bay schools on the chopping block. why the district says it has to be done. the president dealing with issues in the middle east this morning trying to smooth things over before the un general assembly. a live report next. how about -- >> back when 85 and 87 were numbers on a football jersey, we were here and we'll continue to be here serving the bay area. es
5:41 am
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good morning. 5:42. a live look over san jose. dark and early. get ready for some more heat. president obama will speak to the united nations this morning, but perhaps more importantly, he will meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. abbas plans to petition for full un membership on friday, a move the u.s. is against. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington to explain whether the israeli-palestinian issue is headed for a complete train wreck at the un or possibly a flu opportunity to resume peace.
5:43 am
good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. what had been an unscheduled meeting, we learned about it last night, with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. president obama to sit down one-on-one with him and we're told from him the message to both of them will be that they need to resume peace talks. that's the only way to a two-state solution here, bringing it to the un is not really going to work for anyone. that will be his message today. there was a small protest outside the un yesterday against accepting the palestinians into full membership and also one of the republican candidates, the front-runner, texas governor rick perry showed up in new york criticizing the president for what he called a policy of appeasement toward the palestinians. president balk taking a lot of heat for not siding more closely with israel. so what's going to happen on friday when that petition comes before the un security council?
5:44 am
there's another option here. the council could decide to just put this off, to postpone a decision, to give negotiations more time to work, and we're told that's very likely to happen on friday. >> tracie potts from washington, thank you very much. 5:44 this morning. in the netherlands an explosion damages a courthouse in amsterdam. investigators say several floors of the building were damaged in the early morning blast. a projectile was reportedly fired into the courthouse hitting the stairwell. no arrests have been made and there are no reports of any injuries. despite the damages, court cases are going on as planned. california cocktail lovers and fusion lovers have a special request for the governor, urging jerry brown that would let bar tenders pour drinks infused with alcohol. the drinks are illegal here in california. a post prohibition era law bans
5:45 am
bars from altering the alcohol they serve. this new law would allow them to craft their own drinks. infused drinks are an important part of business throughout san francisco and the entire state. a new gallup survey finds the number of young adults without health insurance dropped significantly since last year. young adults ages 18 to 25 without insurance dropped from 28% starting last fall to 24.2% by the middle of this year. officials say president obama's new health care law is likely the reason. the health care law allows young adults to stay on their parent's health insurance until they turn 26. 5:45. the heat wave continues. christina, i love the fact that you remind everybody to stay hydrated. you're full service. >> thank you. fill her up. we're looking pretty good this
5:46 am
morning. it's a little cooler at the coast, a little fog moving in. it has not been a long hot summer by any means. we're getting the hottest weather at the end of summer. two full days before we hit the equinox on friday. after that -- basically let me tell you about the equinox. that's where we see night and day of equal length. we'll start to see the fall come in very quickly. tomorrow hot, all the way through friday. here is improvement for you. good air quality along the coast. we're forecasting a good amount of fog all the way through oakland at about 7:00 a.m. then it starts to push back out to sea, the marine layer by 11:00 a.m. the sun comes blazing in the city of san francisco where we're starting warm and so easily 83 degrees in the city.
5:47 am
62 in san jose, 56 in santa cruz. hour-by-hour forecast, as you break for lunch, it's already getting down right hot in places like fairfield, up to 86 degrees. 85 at noon. in livermore rounding out the day at that sentry mark. tomorrow i'll drop your temperatures off just a touch as this area of low pressure starts to get closer to the coast. it's not really going to start to cool us off though. breaking down the big ridge of high pressure. for us, that's going to bring in the cool marine air and it eeps going to hang around for quite some time, sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures falling into the 70s. the first official week of fall, it will feel fall like around here. good news. let's check your drive with mike. i want to take you for an update. chp did finally arrive on scene -- not finally, but they arrived after a few minutes. it's northbound approaching the 880 interchange with northbound 238. ambulance on scene, fire department. a lot of activity as you approach the interchanges with
5:48 am
both north and southbound 880. the actual connector is northbound 880. if you can avoid the area and head over to hisperia. you should be clear on 880 without any issues. it will affect folks coming off the castro valley y at least for 20 minutes because there are injuries reported for that area. we'll show you slowing out of antioch. we expect this to kickoff at 5:30. bam, it hit hard. slow all the way past love raj, already speeds close to 50 miles per hour. we'll see this area turn yellow over the next half hour heading towards concord which right now is clear towards the wall it in creek interchange. a smooth drive approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the a's play tonight, but right now you eel have slowing because of the volume of traffic. a lot of lights to keep you company. back to you guys. an emotional battle is heating up in the east bay as
5:49 am
parentsry act to the local schools ending up on the chopping block. the school district says it needs to consolidate. it has 101 sites for 38,000 kids. eight schools are up foreclosure including kaiser elementary. parents say it's a mistake to close a high performing school with such a diverse community. >> kaiser is a high performing school. it's not just the white students high performing. all the students. our kid is by racial. >> we have about twice as many schools as comparable districts. it's a huge drain on resources. >> the district says kaiser is on the short list because only 10% in neighborhood enroll their kids in the school. the district says many attend private schools and a final decision on which schools will be shut is expected in october. moving on to sports news now, more bad news for giants fans. pablo sandoval may need surgery. sandoval may need to have off
5:50 am
season surgery on a strained left shoulder. it could be a minor procedure, but it would set off his off season conditioning. he's expected to sit out today's game. >> the giants will try to resume the playoff push. game time tonight 7:10. san francisco suffering a setback last night. tim lincecum unable to win the pitcher's dual going off there. the doernlgs take the ball game 2-1. the braves, not helping matters either. they beat the marlins yesterday and remain 4 1/2 games up in the wildcard race on the giants. as for the d'backs, well, arizona lost yesterday. but the diamondbacks still 5 1/2 games ahead in the nl west. the a's, they lose again to texas. they fall by a final score of 7-2. the two teams will match up again tonight in oakland starting at 7:00. texas, texas tech, oklahoma and oklahoma state just aren't
5:51 am
good enough for the pac 12. the lead decided not to include the four powerhouse teams. commissioner larry scott it wouldn't serve the best interest for the conference. the pac 12 was formerly the pac 10. >> tough cloud in the pac 12, oklahoma is number one. >> not good enough, huh? 5:51. nasa warning large chunks of a satellite will be falling from the sky this week, but they don't know where. we'll have details next. hang in there. plus raiders kicker sebastian general cow ski in trouble with the l. aw more trouble for america's housing market. a devastating new report. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up.
5:52 am
5:53 am
good morning everybody. welcome back.
5:54 am
5:53. a live look at the a's playing tonight. one oakland raider who had previous run-ins with the law faces several misdemeanor charges. kicker sebastian janikowski accused of pushing a woman into the wall at a nightclub. the woman says she did not know who he was and was not taking pictures of him. if found guilty, janikowski faces a maximum penalty of 18 months in jail and $3 through fine. time is 5:54. we have a little suggestion for you, you better run for cover. nasa says one of their old sat lights in orbit will finally fall back down to earth. the space agency says most of the bus-size satellite will burn up in the atmosphere around friday. but it expects dozens of pieces will sneak their way to the crime with some weighing as much as 300 pounds.
5:55 am
nasa says there's a one in 3200 chance somebody is going to get hit. it still doesn't know exactly where the satellite pieces will land. a little heads up. >> good heads up there. >> lousy odds. >> thank you, jon. stories for the gambler. an online poker game may have been stacking the cards against players. that's not fair. scott mcglue? >> washington shut down several online poker games for violating u.s. law. in a case of full tilt poker it may have gone further. feds accuse the site of being a ponzi scheme. the site says the "wall street journal" didn't have the wings ready to hand out to players. if you had $5,000 in your account and you ask for the money back, it would send you a check but do so by tapping someone else's account for the money. a devastating new study by highly trusted economists say
5:56 am
american home prices will fall again this year and then grow by just 1% per year for at least the next four years. the study, commissioned by yale university economist bob schiller, the same guy that runs case-shiller says this will cause consumers to be cautious about spending. the latest data shows the average price of a san francisco, oakland home, which includes santa clara county down 5. 4% from last year. one out of every five americans owes more than their home is worth. >> a sad stat. >> devastating for the economy. time now 5:56. still to come on today in the bay, the berkeley hikers held captive in iran appear to be free. the latest details in a live report. former black muslim bakery leader bey back in court. we'll tell you what he's asking a judge for this time. i've got two words for you
5:57 am
today, seek shade. it's going to be hot all across the bay area. i've got the forecast coming up. a big rig car chp, fire and ambulance all at the same spot. i'll show you the major impact it's already having on your commute. [ screaming ]
5:58 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house.
5:59 am
whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. berkeley graduates jailed in iran for more than two years are finally free this morning. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: a late-night development in the case of a popular radio host killed over the weekend. i'm bob redell. that report coming up. the 49ers and the nfl promise a crackdown after violence marched a preseason game. now police report there are more beatings at candlestick park after sunday's


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